We support activities in Mexico that help children, adolescents, and young adults get an education and lead productive lives in their native country.

We identify reputable Mexican organizations that focus on youth who come from families with limited economic resources and/or indigenous communities and offer them educational opportunities and training in life skills.


We provide financial assistance and/or management advice to such organizations.

Our Objectives

Central Mexico Youth Fund

Recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization. (EIN 46-2250275)

Founded: March 2013

Board of Directors: Charles Goldsmith, Juliet Bender, Tom Kearns (top photo), Nancy Meyer, Walt Meyer (bottom photo).


Our Partner Organizations

El Puente de Esperanza offers a residence in Querétaro and pays the high school fees, university tuition, and living expenses for academically promising young students. These youth come from families who can not afford to help them further their education.  Most of the students grew up in indigenous communities. 


Cadena de Ayuda provides a residence and living expenses to young men from rural areas who have received university scholarships to study in Querétaro, and also offers help with tuition expenses and access to computer equipment and internet services to young women and men who live with their families or friends in the city. 

Niños y Niñas delivers pre-school tutoring programs in Querétaro to children from indigenous communities who otherwise would be selling candy in the streets.  It provides them two healthy meals each day and its skilled teachers assist the children with their homework and social development.  

Hogares Providencia operates three residences in Querétaro in which they care for boys and girls who come from families that live in extreme poverty or have experienced abandonment or abuse.  It offers them a chance to grow up in a supportive environment and obtain an education to prepare them for a better life.

Yo'on Ixim ("heart of corn" in the Mayan indigenous language Tzotzil) is located in Puebla and provides support to 26 families who moved to that city from rural communities in southern Mexico.  It offers classes in Spanish to women who speak only their indigenous language and operates a school for their children.

Organizational Profile

Church of Santa Rosa de Viterbo in Querétaro