We support reputable Mexican organizations that offer development programs to kids from poor families and indigenous communities.

March 2020

We observe the 7th anniversary of our founding.


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"I moved to Querétaro two years ago because where I'm from there aren't any universities or even a high school.  I'm now studying Information Technology at the Technological University of Querétaro.  I live in the Cadena house and it's a big help because it's difficult to work and pay for school expenses at the same time.  I've also learned a lot about things like responsibility, obligations, and honesty."

Joel, a beneficiary of Cadena de Ayuda

We work only with legally established nonprofit organizations in Mexico that operate with transparency and honesty.

"I arrived in Querétaro when I was 16 and now I’m 26, so I’ve been living in the El Puente house for 10 years.  In my last year of high school I had to decide what to study afterwards and the aptitude tests they gave us in school and at the house pointed me to scientific careers in medicine and at the same time to manual skills because I was good at precision work."  (Continue reading)

Moni, a beneficiary of El Puente de Esperanza

We help children, adolescents, and young adults in Mexico get an education and lead productive lives in their own country.

July 2019

El Puente de Esperanza holds a summer school program in a rural community.

The Lives We Impact


May 2020
El Puente de Esperanza celebrates 25 years of service.