December 2014

We welcome Hogares Providencia as a new partner.

"For me, El Puente is a great help in all ways to be able to manage and develop my life.  The institution and everyone involved provides me the help and confidence and tools for my life and to achieve my goals.  It’s a light for me on my path and, as it names says, a bridge for my dreams.  And it’s taught me that you can achieve all you want, but you have to work hard because if you don’t help yourself, how can others help you?"



We help children, adolescents, and young adults in Mexico get an education and lead productive lives in their own country.

It's essential that your contributions are used for the purpose intended.  We work only with legally established nonprofit organizations in Mexico that operate with transparency and honesty.

Hogares Providencia was recognized by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy for its professionalism.

March 2015

CMYF celebrates the second anniversary or our founding!

May 2015

Our partner El Puente de Esperanza moves to a bigger house and prepares to welcome 10 new students.

The Lives We Impact

"The students (at El Puente de Esperanza) are awesome and their work ethic is amazing!  I give credit to them for the bravery it takes to leave their communities and do something new, and the perseverance it requires to manage their own lives in the program.  The group sessions went really well, playing games and having discussions related to group dynamics themes -- love, relationships, self-respect, teamwork.

Ian, a U.S. volunteer at El Puente

Your contributions are used effectively

We support reputable Mexican organizations that offer development programs to kids from poor families and indigenous communities.